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Windows Thread, Am I missing something here. in Technical; Seeing as everybody seems a friendly lot here, need a few opinions on a setup I've inherited. New in the ...
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    Am I missing something here.

    Seeing as everybody seems a friendly lot here, need a few opinions on a setup I've inherited. New in the post so bear with me.

    One network infrastructure, two seperate Domains one for Admin and one for Curric. No trusts between the two. Simple so far.

    Curric. network has DHCP server dishing out IP addresses which is being picked up by all machines, except Admin PC's have DNS Server IP address set manually to the DNS server of the Admin Domain. Seems a bit messy to me, as the Domain suffix is incorrect for these machines that it's getting the curric. network. Still, things seem to work, however.....

    DNS servers in each domain have a secondary zone set for each other DNS zone. I always under the impression that you do this for contiguous domains, not completely seperate domains. Am I missing something here? Can't see why if having two seperate domains why any sort of zone transfer would need to be happening.

    Any ideas why its like this? Just seems to go against what I learnt a long time ago. Playing on my mind that I've missed something as to why the previous guy would do this (although he was dismissed from the post). I'm want to keep them as two seperate domains, remove all this extra DNS stuff which is not helping anything at the mo and just put the Admin PC's on fixed IP addresses.


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    I'd agree with your thinking...

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    I would not even go down the 2 Domain route. KIS - Keep It Simple.
    Unless you have a few thousand users etc then there is no need for 2 Domains.
    I would move everything into one Domain, and if you are that concerned about Admin / Curric, then keep files / data on individual member servers, tied down with NTFS security, with some strict policies in place.
    In the long run having everyone on one Domain will be much easier to manage and future problems will be easier to diagnose and deal with.

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