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Windows Thread, Batch file to copy user profile in Technical; XP workstation, want to write a batch file to copy a profile ('pcuser') to the default user profile ('Default User'). ...
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    Batch file to copy user profile

    XP workstation, want to write a batch file to copy a profile ('pcuser') to the default user profile ('Default User').

    Similar to how you can go to System Properties - Advanced - User Profiles - Copy to but as an automated batch file

    Any help?

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    Try saving this in a vbs file:

    Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WshShell.Run "xcopy.exe ""C:\Documents and Settings\%pcuser"" ""C:\Documents and Settings\Default User"" /C /I /S /E /H /R /Y", 1,True

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    Post BackupMe - The Freeware Backing up solution for Windows.

    The batch BackupMe is an automated user profile backing up solution for Windows. I created this tools using DOS Script & for smooth use I have used some other tools like VB Script. But the Base of the tools is Shell Script. Modification is allowed for this tools for personal use.

    For details visit Techno Solution Point: BackupMe – The freeware backing up solution for Windows Profile.. You can also visit the product's home page from the link Techno Solution Point: BackupMe. It is Free.
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