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Windows Thread, Netgear SSL312 VPN in Technical; Hello folks. I've just got a Netgear SSL312 VPN Concentrator. Unfortunately, to create a VPN tunnel a user needs administrator ...
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    Netgear SSL312 VPN

    Hello folks.

    I've just got a Netgear SSL312 VPN Concentrator. Unfortunately, to create a VPN tunnel a user needs administrator privileges on the machine.

    This is never going to happen, as I don't let my users do diddly squat in this area - no local admin or power users.

    I was wondering... does anyone know a group policy or registry kludge that would allow a normal user to create a network adaptor?

    Or perhaps I'll just put it back in the cupboard and forget all about it?


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    We used the RDP connector option (we also used VPN but dropped it as it was more complex than RDP) and created the user a limited account on the server if that would work for you.

    Surely there's a way to do what you ask too tho'.

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    Irritatingly, this is true of most VPN tunnels - some even need admin privs to run.

    You may be able to add some semi-admin flavoured privs, butI never managed to come up with a happy solution

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    Do you know which point it falls over at? I'm guessing the activeX client (or whatever browser you're using) is trying to create a virtual adaptor. I think there's GP to enable changes with network adaptors somewhere

    I cant say Ive had this problem with locked down laptops who use our SSL312, long shot but are you running the latest FW on the concentrator?

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