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Windows Thread, Outlook Meeting Scheduling with Shared Calendars in Technical; Having done a bit of googling I fear that the answer to my question is "You can't do that" but ...
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    Outlook Meeting Scheduling with Shared Calendars

    Having done a bit of googling I fear that the answer to my question is "You can't do that" but I'm going to ask anyway...

    I am trying to encourage people to make more use of Outlook (2007) and would like to get the meeting requests. We use Shared Calendars at the College that are hosted from the server. The people most likely to use this feature are the Headmaster and the Bursar who use these exclusivly for their diary.

    The problem is that Outlook really only wants to use the Default Calendar for meeting requests. You can schedule a meeting from the shared calendars but the user tallying doesn't work and Outlook brings up an error when you get a response (Because the meeting isnt' in the default calendar). Also if you are sent a meeing request it goes into the default calendar, you can't choose which to add it into.

    Is there anyway to change the "Default Canendar" or to specify that you want meetings to be added to another calendar?

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    The way we run it, somebody takes ownership of the meeting, and creates it in their own calendar, inviting the others and the shared calendar;

    Or the shared calendar is opened as an additional mailbox and events added to it there, people invited. The creator of the event has Contributing Editor status and Delegated Access.

    This works well for the central school calendar (owned by the Head's PA) and the IT Services team (owned by the whole team). The shared calendars are viewable by all, events that individuals need to attend appear both in their personal calendar and in the shared calendar.

    The users then have both their personal and the shared calendar open side by side.

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