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Windows Thread, Domain Funtionality Level in Technical; We're upping our DC's to Windows Server 2003 functional level this half term, and i wanted to check 1 thing. ...
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    Domain Funtionality Level

    We're upping our DC's to Windows Server 2003 functional level this half term, and i wanted to check 1 thing.

    Our staff login to their external email/bromcom and sims learning gateway using domain\username which is a pre 2000 logon? when we step up the functional level i understand 2000 servers are no longer support, will we loose the ability to use domain\username to login? will it have to be username@domainname.local?

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    You can still use the pre windows 2000 style of logon name in a 2003 native environment. Also you can still use W2000 boxes just not as domain controllers.

    It's pretty unusual to see the change to native mode causing problems but it might be worth contacting your software suppliers to ask about known issues as authentication is an area that is affected but mainly between DC's rather than client server.
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