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Windows Thread, Group Policy not being applied to client machine in Technical; Originally Posted by adamf We do have a superior firewall protecting the network. I don't know why Windows Firewall is ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamf View Post
    We do have a superior firewall protecting the network.

    I don't know why Windows Firewall is on (something the person I replaced put in place). It's gonna be turned off now cause it's caused too many problems aside from this (had a few problems with it and ghost).
    We use GPO to turn Windows firewall off

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    Quote Originally Posted by broc View Post
    We use GPO to turn Windows firewall off
    me too. don't like using windows firewall in a managed environment.

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    getting a similar problem here, will try the remove from / add to domain trick at some point.

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    @ elsiegee40

    IMHO a layered approach to security is essential and relying on only a perimeter firewall is no longer adequate any member of staff could bring in a virus/worm on a pendrive or an infected laptop and your perimeter security is rendered useless. It takes no time at all to use GP to open all of the necessary ports.

    Just my opinion.

    @ adamf, i've known this happen a number of times in fact i had one this morning, no amount of policy refreshes or reboots would sort it but rejoining the domain did.
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    remotly apply group policy to computer

    You can use Psexec a sysinternal tool to update group policy to remote machine ,you can apply to all computers in a domain controller in a single command you can download Psexec the syntax is follows

    Psexec \\* gpupdate /force

    \\* means all computers you can change it as computer name for single machine

    after you can check the event viewer whether policy is updated or not

    You can found more information from here PsExec

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