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Windows Thread, Transfer distribution list in OWA 2003 in Technical; Hi We have had a new member of staff started recently and she work in a team with 3 other ...
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    Transfer distribution list in OWA 2003


    We have had a new member of staff started recently and she work in a team with 3 other colleagues. One of the colleagues has distribution groups set up in her OWA and the new member of staff would like a copy of these.

    Rather than her creating them manually. I wanted to know if I can copy this group and insert in into another staff's OWA or if the staff concerned can do this.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated


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    This is how it works in Outlook, so should be the same in OWA:

    Get the colleague with the distribution lists to send a message to the new person and attach the distribution list [Insert > Item ... Contacts select the dist list]

    Get the new person to open the message and then open the attached dist list.
    When the lists opens do File > Copy to Folder .... and then select Contacts and OK.

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    Why not create a Contacts folder in the Public folders and just give those three access to it. That way a all the contacts and a Distribution list can be set up in the Public Folders and when one is altered everyone can see the change without having to reimport the contacts or distro list.

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