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Windows Thread, Using Microphones with a limited user account. in Technical; Hi - my new PCs (about 6months old) have switchable audio ports. I have managed to get the microphones working ...
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    Using Microphones with a limited user account.

    Hi - my new PCs (about 6months old) have switchable audio ports. I have managed to get the microphones working properly both as administrator and user. The problem is when it comes time to remove the microphones before the little darlings do it for us. , when I reattach the microphone as administrator I get a popup telling me about the new hardware and then it works. The users gets a message saying that this action is restricted and fails to set up the microphone.
    I am running Winsuite (which causes me bother)
    Is there a GPO setting which would allow the user to do this and which section is in?
    Cheers - Peter

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    Are these USB microphones?

    A regular microphone shouldn't cause this behaviour (unless some wierd and wonderful 'helper' app is installed... in which case you should try uninstalling that).

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    soundcard ?

    what sound card do the machines in question have ? is it on board realtek or ac97 or what exactly ?

    As per above does it have a helper app ( at least with the realtek onboard audio that I have encountered on some laptops ) you can get the helper app to start with windows so when the user logs on they can open the helper app and go to the I/O settings and change settings there.

    Ive not tried un installing realteks helper app as I was not sure how to and the users as long as they can see the icon in the system tray have no difficulty in using the helper app.

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