I have just been asked to install Kodak Easy share 6.0 on 10 pc's all windows xp pro.

I installed it on the first and chose to check for updates from the internet during install. It downloaded the latest version of easy share. I restarted the pc and it would get as far as loading settings then restart, and get to the same point and restart.

I ran chkdsk from the windows cd and when restarted it got to loading setting then restarted. booted into safe mode to do a system roll back and it has corrupted all restore points.

Tried it on a second pc (identical to the first) but chose to install from cd. This time it did exactly the same. When i booted into safe mode it let me do a system restore. (i didnt do a chkdsk on the 2nd pc)

has any one come accross this before?