First up I'd like to say that I acknowledge my own stupidity in this area and admit that yes I am asking you for an answer that will save me time. So here we go...

I have been setting up my GP for Office 2007. At some point I seem to have disabled the new "New document" dialogue box. When I open a document in any Office 2007 app it flicks straight to the Office 2003 style one. I wish to make it stop this and display the more polished Office 2007 version.

I have tried disabling my GPO's so I know the problem's in my Office 2007 one. I've tried "Not configuring", "Disabling" and then for an laugh "enabling" the "Use Office 2003 New Dialogue box" setting under Admin templates ==> Office 2007 System ==> Misc. so I don't think it's that.

Any one have any ideas?

I could delete the GPO and start from scratch but I've set up quite a bit and I don't want to waste time setting it up again.