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Windows Thread, Roaming profile problem corrupt in Technical; Originally Posted by Reaper I think a few people have said in other threads that the Hive Cleanup program from ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper View Post
    I think a few people have said in other threads that the Hive Cleanup program from Microsoft tends to calm the issue down. Download details: User Profile Hive Cleanup Service

    You install it on every machine or atleast ones that you know are problematic and it attempts to stop registry corruption as the user logs off. We haven't tried it yet but it is going on our next image.
    Ye we had some really really weird corrupting profile problems at one point and just couldn't figure it out, although we installed the hive cleanup program (we deployed it as an MSI threw GPO so no need to do any real work as such) and seemed to sort that out not had any problems since then really.

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    Hi James
    What version of Symantec AV was the problem with?
    What version fixes this issue?

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    Sorry to dig up this old thread but I'm having the exact same problem now, did any one ever work out what was happening?

    The profiles im having problems with have just been moved to a new share, and its not all the profiles, had 4 go out of 34 so far, they were all fine to start with.

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