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Windows Thread, Admin installs of Microsoft software? in Technical; Today i did a admin install of Microsoft Office 2003, it went to plan and i have included it in ...
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    Admin installs of Microsoft software?

    Today i did a admin install of Microsoft Office 2003, it went to plan and i have included it in a Unattended XP SP2 disc i have created.

    What i wondered is that can other Micorsoft Software be installed with a admin install as well?

    Any others?

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    Re: Admin installs of Microsoft software?

    If it comes as an MSI most packages will allow an admin install as that is part of the MSI design but they may not allow you to enter serial numbers and such like Office.

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    Re: Admin installs of Microsoft software?

    Finding the occasional MSI setup that has an intelligent Admin install mode is just one of lifes little pleasures that makes the job that bit more bearable.

    The only one I can think of off the top of my head is the Avantis CD Server client software, which asks for the server IP address and number of virtual drives during the admin setup.

    In general though, anything that a clever admin setup can do can also be done with a transform. Transforms are easy to generate with Orca or Tuner (used to be free download from InstallShield)

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    Re: Admin installs of Microsoft software?

    I just try MSFT stuff out with the setup.exe /a option and see what happens

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