Thought I'd share this one as it's bound to catch someone and have them head scratching.

I had a bunch of new PC's that I'd created a generic RIS install for using Autoimage and the Driverpacks packs. The RIS had gone fine and flash installed ok once I had the latest version.

Then I started getting these odd problems crop up on Education City which when I investigated further seemed to indicate that when the page got to a bit where there was a sound clip it would sit there displaying the graphics without really locking up but wouldn't move on to the next part of the flash application.

It was only when I tried plugging in some headphones and adjusting the volume to see if it was affecting sound too that I found the sound drivers weren't there at all.

A little more investigation indicated that the Highdef MS driver from winxp hadn't been loaded up properly (it's a known issue in driverpacks that crops up and disappears from time to time) and thus the sound card itself hadn't been detected or loaded either. A quick driver update via the device manager resolved the HD driver and got the detection routine and install for the sound card and this in turn resolved the issue with the flash apps.

Probably not something you'll find yourself having to worry about but if you should it's a useful nugget to watch out for. Until now I would have put this down to the WinUpdate security patch that got rolled out and which borked MSI flash installs of version 9.0.47 or earlier.