Ok, I found two or three topics on PMC (Print Management Console) here on edugeek and the general concensus was... use VBS.

Which is fine, I would I guess - except there's a pattern!!!11

We've set it up so that it deploys them per machine. I know it works, because if it didn't, it wouldn't add the printer to any of them

However, the ones where it doesn't work, you don't seem to be able to run RSoP or GPResults either remotely or locally.

Locally generates 2 WMI based errors where it can't perform filter check for an "lock computer" policy and Error 1090 which says RSoP can't be done because a WMI thing failed...

I can't figure out for the life of me how to fix either issue - it would be nice to know that if those PC's ever had an issue relating to GPO's, that I can actually work out what it was...

I've tried everything I found on the Microsoft Site and EggHeadCafe, EduGeek, TechArena and the almighty Google Cache of Experts Exchange.

Anyone else got ideas? Would deleting the Security Database do anything?