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Windows Thread, redirecting desktop in Technical; I`m trying to redirect the desktop using a gpo, ive got it set to basic redirect every ones to the ...
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    redirecting desktop

    I`m trying to redirect the desktop using a gpo, ive got it set to basic redirect every ones to the same location, then fro the target ive got it set to create a folder for each user under the root path and the root path pointing to the share i want.

    when i log in as a test user under this gpo a folders created called desktop when i open that another desktop folder created and this goes on and on......

    any ideas?

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    Is the GPO the only thing mapping this, no other vbs' or anything duplicating work? And what is the path you have set? Only other idea would be permissions, maybe they have write but not modify so it's defaulting to make a new folder?

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    Why don't you just want the same desktop for everyone within that OU?

    This would be the usual reason for doing this. Just ensure that the tick-box isn't checked to give exclusive access to one user.

    Also check out the related threads beneath the posts.

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