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Windows Thread, Start menu/Office menus do not expand in Technical; I have a sporadic problem on our XPSP2 clients where the Start Menu all program folders do not expand. For ...
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    Question Start menu/Office menus do not expand

    I have a sporadic problem on our XPSP2 clients where the Start Menu all program folders do not expand. For instance, all the programs folders are listed, but when hovering over a folder name (such as Accessories), the contents of that folder is either not displayed at all, or the outline of the folder is displayed with no shortcuts.

    The same issue is apparent in Office apps (2002): clicking on the File (or any) menu either does nothing, or displays the outline of the menu with no contents.

    I suspect AB Tutor Control is causing this, either when watching or controlling the clients.

    A reboot of the affected workstation usually works around the problem.

    Anyone have any ideas about possible cause? Is there a shared DLL between the start menu and office menus? Is it shell32.dll, or something else? Thanks

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    I've only ever come across this if I messed the permissions up on the start menu folders in the default profile

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