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Windows Thread, Promissor ESM Server in Technical; Before Christmas... was getting ready to set this beastie up - and had favorites to all the links to previous ...
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    Promissor ESM Server

    Before Christmas... was getting ready to set this beastie up - and had favorites to all the links to previous peoples nightmares with it. Problem... went to follow them today and cant find them anywhere! Has anyone got any advice on how to get this one to work properly!?

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    Well I have been working on this all afternoon and with the techincal support team (Speak to Moses or Mohammed Brilliant support) and finally got it workin

    If any one need any help please post or pm will try to help

    I must have went through with a fine toothcomb

    Also if you have problems unlocking the test make sure you verify the course then unlock it or you will get problems try to unlock the test

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    esm promissor

    I set this up about 9 months ago and all working fine, kinda forgot about it cuz wasn't being used - school have come to me and said they wanna start using it from monday, but don't remember anything about it. Havn't got install files any more, the esm prommisor thing is still running nicely on the server but i can't find install files for the users machines any where - does any one have a link to where i can download these

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    Have you got your Promissor centre ID? If so hop across to CatGlobal.com and log-in, files will be there to dload. Centre ID looks like this...


    So 2 letters and a few numbers, it's based in the initials of whoever registered it ;-)

    Chances are you'll need to update ESM Server if it's not been used in over a year, pretty easy to do tbh. Also remember the path to the program data shared folder e.g. \\server\ESM_Test_Centre, which you'll need for when you install the clients (manually! GOLA obviously didn't think we'd want to deploy client software to loads of PCs remotely lol)
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