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Windows Thread, Strange new folders in my Live Mail in Technical; I wonder if anyone can help with this issue. Today I opened my livemail on my Windows 7 laptop to ...
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    Strange new folders in my Live Mail

    I wonder if anyone can help with this issue. Today I opened my livemail on my Windows 7 laptop to see a load of strange random generated folder names that look like something that you would get in a Windows profile e.g. 03B78A90-9186-465F-B274-8469BBE4274E, see screen shot below. All of my other folders are there and nothing is missing. All of my laptops are fully patched only ever run as restricted users and have upto date AV, my Livemail account has a good password and I can't see any unusual activity (other than these folders), no unknown messages in sent items etc so I don't "think" my account has been hacked.

    The only recent update to anything related was I updated my phone to the latest release of Cyanogenmod yesterday.

    Any theories?



    Strange Folders.jpg
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