Quick question for Backup Exec 2014.

Slowly we are going to start to migrate users onto our new Exchange 2013 box and we have a Active-->Active/Passive-->Passive setup. The Active / Active/Passive is clustered locally and the passive in our other office off site. This has a DAG which we are going to backup. We are backing up the individual storage groups on the Active/Passive box. My question is this - when this backups it's obviously backing up the logs as well, as everyone knows once this is done the logs are then removed, will this then remove the logs from the actual Active copy ? I can't find much documentation on this as Backup Exec 2014 is very new and the manual is just a nightmare to wade through. Hopefully someone already has something similar setup and they can advise.
On a test I think this does happen but obviously it would be better if I had confirmation.