I'm thinking this question might be a few months to early for E.Geek but going to give it a go anyways.
We are a big Dell school, we have just got new Dell 3340 Lats in which are the educational designed ones.
In addition we have just got the new V2 Trolley and the Upgrade kit so they slot into the trolley - no wires!
If anyone else has one let me know as we were told we were the first in EMEA to get them.

My Issue:

WoWLAN. I got WOL to work after correcting some bits in the BIOS and Network Adapter which was easy as we had to do it for several hundered OptiPlex as well.
To get the devices to wake on the wireless is proving hard work! Corrected settings in the BIOS, network adapter again and applied a RegHack supplied by MS Configure Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN)

Anyone had any luck?