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Windows Thread, Windows keeps crashing! in Technical; Hi everyone, Not sure if I have posted this in the correct area, so if I have then admin please ...
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    Exclamation Windows keeps crashing!

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if I have posted this in the correct area, so if I have then admin please move it!

    Basically, I go on my PC (Win 7) when I get home. Then usually around the time it prompts me to login, it crashes. I cannot move the mouse or have any response from the interface. I will turn it off, and restart it again. I will normally get this problem 2/3 more times within 20 minutes of the PC booting. After 4/5 reboots, the PC runs as normal! However 20 minutes of constant off and on again is a pain and sure I'm not doing the system any good!

    I have tried formatting and re-installing windows, however the problem persists.

    On top of this, I will have the occasional blue screen and sometimes when it crashes, my screen will go 'corrupt' as seen in the picture below.


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    I had that on my gaming PC, turns out I had a faulty DIMM slot. New motherboard sorted that.

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    Have you changed any BIOS settings to high performance? If so, restore settings to default.

    Try booting into Knoppix (cd or usb) and see if the problem happens. Knoppix won't affect anything on your system. This will rule in/out Windows device/display drivers, etc.
    Knoppix Linux Boot CD, Download Disk and Documents, Discuss, Get Help

    Download here
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