Currently our email system works like this:

Email is sent to @<ourschool>.<county>

Which means its stored on an external server Which I will call <ExtEmail>

Our internal email server program periodically contacts ExtEmail and pulls down all the emails with the our suffix. We are using <cringes> Easy Mail 1.0. Strangely this works really well (Scary I know!) however it has a problem understanding active directory and will of course only work on the original NT4 box (Only because our email address have <initial-surname> I tried it by creating new accounts without these and it worked fine) It still pulls all the emails down with either setup but in Windows 2000 you can't log onto the internal mail server to open them. Weird really. So two questions:

1). Does anyone know of another package that can do this and for how much?

2). Does anyone know how to fix this problem (without changing all the usernames of course lol ).