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Windows Thread, Vmware VSAN in Technical; Anyone using this in anger yet? For me - this looks like the IDEAL way to run your VM Infrastructure. ...
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    Vmware VSAN

    Anyone using this in anger yet?

    For me - this looks like the IDEAL way to run your VM Infrastructure. It's the product I've been waiting for for the last 6 years!!

    I have always found local storage to be FAR superior to NAS/SAN in every possible way - apart from, of course, host failover.

    Vmware VSAN seems to fix the the host-local-storage failover drawback so that all of your superfast supercheap super reliable local storage in your VM hosts all works together as kind "of one big raid array" so that if one host's storage goes down, VMs will continue to run from the other 2 or more hosts. The more hosts you add (up to 32 I think) - the faster and more resiliant your storage pool gets, and you have to use 1 SSD in every host for superfast caching and a 10G backbone just for the VSAN.

    Planning to implement a test system this year with a view to replacing my server and storage infrastructure April 2015 onwards.

    Would love to hear from anyone who has actually implemented it?

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