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Windows Thread, sql server in Technical; I would not spend my money on a SQL 2000 licence now, go straight for a 2005 licence and use ...
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    Re: sql server

    I would not spend my money on a SQL 2000 licence now, go straight for a 2005 licence and use your downgrade rights to use 2000 if you really need to use it, but most big apps like CMIS, Sims, Integris etc.. will support 2005 now if not in the next month or two.... (on a small side note, anybody put Facility CMIS onto 2005 yet?)

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    Re: sql server

    When I asked Capita about SQL 2005 support for SIMS (SQL-EE is less restrictive than MSDE, I thought it would be worth the upgrade), I was told in no uncertain terms not to do it. Capita said that SQL 2005 is not supported and will not be supported in the immediate to mid future. Thats not to say that it won't work but you can kiss goodbye to any chance of support from Capita if you try it.

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    Re: sql server

    I think there were some outstanding issues with 2005, at least from what I have read from the support forums. I'm leaving it on 2000 still. I did run it on 2003 server when that was unsupported though. Not going to risk a db problem with .net

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