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Windows Thread, Shared folder on server 2003 permissions prob. in Technical; Hi This may seem a straight froward issue but it's bugging the hell out of me. Using Server 2003 and ...
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    Shared folder on server 2003 permissions prob.

    This may seem a straight froward issue but it's bugging the hell out of me. Using Server 2003 and XP clients - I created a shared folder to be used as a handing in point for student work. The folder goes down several levels (divided by class etc.) and at the bottom level is a folder for each student. The student is given full control of their own folder only and the levels above have read and execute access to allow them to move down to their own individual folder. When testing the folder as a student, I can open their own folder but cant create or put anything into it! It gives me an access denied error. I have similar folders set up with the same permissions and working OK on other servers. I have compared permissions from the root volume right down to the bottom folder. I have not created folders like this on this server before as it is only installed a number of weeks. Is it possible something on the server is not installed/ running? I have already checked that it has the "File Server" role running. I know I could move it to one of the other servers but I would like to run it on this new server which has more space. Thanks

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    Re: Shared folder on server 2003 permissions prob.

    It sounds a fairly complex folder structure you have there. The only thing I can think of (at the moment) is file/folder inheritance which is causing the problems.

    I'm sure you have your reason(s) for such a folder structure, but wouldn't it be easier to create additional network drives with read/execute rights?

    So for example, with a pupil My Documents they have full access rights, but then they could have another network drive which contains documents/resources which have read/execute access rights only.

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    Re: Shared folder on server 2003 permissions prob.

    Have you also checked the classic gotcha of not allowing access to the share for writing. By default in 2003, shares are read only (the opposite to 2000 and NT).

    Unless you have a good reason for it, I would suggest giving Everyone Full Control and then using your NTFS permissions which are far more granular.

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    Re: Shared folder on server 2003 permissions prob.

    And that you haven'tleft the Inherit permissions swithed on.

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