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Windows Thread, Government pays MS to keep XP going for another year in Technical; Originally Posted by speckytecky It totally amazed me yesterday to visit a customer services desk in a Sainsbury's store and ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by speckytecky View Post
    It totally amazed me yesterday to visit a customer services desk in a Sainsbury's store and find they subsequently carried out my product look up request on a XP driven donkey slow PC!
    Could it be that they were running Windows XP Embedded? Some versions of that are going to be supported until 20-bloomin'-19!

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    I just got a Microsoft Education Newsletter which contained this :

    End of XP Support
    Windows XP SP3 Support (Critical and Important Security Updates)
    Eligible criteria: PSA 12, Academic Memorandum of Understanding OR Microsoft Non- Profit Program, UK
    If your schools are still on XP and want to benefit from Security updates for the following year they can obtain additional support by 2 methods.

    1. The first is obtaining a Premier Support Contract. There are 2 types :
    a, Basic: £12’500 excluding VAT. 50 reactive hours, remote service delivery management.
    b, Foundation: £25’000 excluding VAT 100 reactive hours, remote service delivery management

    2. Organisations with less than 250 XP devices
    a, Providing they meet the primary eligibility criteria they will not be required to purchase a Premier Support Agreement
    b, Access to download Security Updates only via MS Connect platform
    c, No problem resolution services or remote service delivery management will be provided unless the organization purchases a Microsoft Premier Agreement.
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    I've asked a number of times but until I read the above I have never seen what a premier support contract would cost for a school!

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