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Windows Thread, Can someone test this please? in Technical; Intstant on both Chrome and IE9 here...
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    Intstant on both Chrome and IE9 here

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    Just loaded in Chrome without much delay: Maybe 10 seconds?

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    I had something similar a while back. During the usual "what the heck, lets just try it anyway" stage of any good diagnositc process I found that changing the proxy settings on the client from a hostname to the IP address fixed it. No Idea why, no idea if it will work in this instance but it would only take 15 secs to try it. Worth a stab I'd say.

    Update: Took about 6 secs on IE9, just over 30 secs if I change to the proxy server's hostname. Still can't explain it. One day when I've caught up with all my jobs I'll look into it.
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