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Windows Thread, managed network in Technical; Originally Posted by plexer I don't get what you mean about yeah with admin tools but imaging and deployment. Software ...
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    Re: managed network

    Quote Originally Posted by plexer
    I don't get what you mean about yeah with admin tools but imaging and deployment. Software deployment is via gpo's so have the gp management console takes care of that and a shortcut to ghostserver takes care of deployment?

    I concur about software deployment via GPO but would go one step further and suggest you look into RIS so thatyou don't need to license an imaging product.

    As others have done, I have removed RM Connect 2.4 and replaced it with vanilla Windows - I tried Ranger but found it unreliable and restrictive (I believe it may be somewhat different now but you do still have the additional cost). IMHO cherry-picking the individual tools for print management, network monitoring, etc. rather than buying a suite is a far better idea.

    (If you do want a one-stop solution, try looking into NetSupport DNA )

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    Re: managed network

    This came to light on another post here - may be what you are looking for - it looks like it could have the benefit of having some managed services but still allow you to make changes through the native environment.


    I've not read it all but it looks promising, also for most people it would be free.

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    Re: managed network

    You could also look at http://unattended.sourceforge.net/

    I use ghost with a great dos network boot disk that will boot any machine I have the problem when I tried RIS was having unsupported network cards. Unattended looks like it may be good.

    I bought 15 ghost licences and just use them to run ghost.exe rather than install the whole ghost console. Now I've started replacing older machines that wouldn't pxe boot with new ones that do I want to get rid of needing a floppy to boot them from anyway.


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