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Windows Thread, Windows Firewall and UAC in Technical; Just a quick post to see what others have done regarding the windows firewall and uac. The windows firewall has ...
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    Windows Firewall and UAC

    Just a quick post to see what others have done regarding the windows firewall and uac. The windows firewall has been turned off here since the days of XP and has never been changed. Do others have the firewall and uac turned on in Windows 7/8? If so how have you set it up or is it considered a hindrance on a network with other methods of protection? We were just wondering whether it would be worth turning it on if set up correctly as not to annoy the users.


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    We use windows firewall and uac sitewide. No issues beyond the initial setup. Idea is to keep PCs isolated as much as possible in case of sharing.

    And we have a firewall rule allowing all traffic from the DC, Administrator boxes.

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    We have uac on. Admins get automatically elevated. Users fail silently. The virtual store is on but off in a few places due to legacy software. The main annoyance with uac is the lack of logging when it is interfering with running software.

    Firewall wise its only on on laptops. Mainly for when they connect to other networks. We plan to have it on everything. You just need to know what software you have on that requires rules. Mainly licence server ports and ab tutor/netop.

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