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Windows Thread, Runas alternative in Technical; Hi guys, Been a lurker for years now but only just decided to join up. Just wondered, for a long ...
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    Runas alternative

    Hi guys,

    Been a lurker for years now but only just decided to join up.

    Just wondered, for a long time I have had to install some software through command prompt being run as administrator. Easy enough but just a bit annoying.. Is there an alternative method to this yet?

    Sometimes the kids help me install some software and they spend a fair while getting this right when I'm not keeping a close eye.


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    Err is this remotely or locally installing it?

    If it's local installing, can't you just right click and run as admin on the software? (Assuming Win7 here)

    If it's remotely have you tried psexec? PsExec Lets you run the exe's etc in different users.

    If you just want it easier to use for the kids, but you still want to use runas you can put it in the shortcut so they install via shortcut, and this runs the "runas" command part. Then just password needs entering.


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