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Windows Thread, Allowing students to change screen resolution in Technical; Hi All, As part of one of the DiDA projects, the student's are required to change the resolution settings of ...
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    Allowing students to change screen resolution

    Hi All,

    As part of one of the DiDA projects, the student's are required to change the resolution settings of their monitor.

    The machines in question have AMD Catalyst Control Center installed which we (tech) can use to change the resolution. This is available to the students and they can see and open the Catalyst Control Center and seemingly make changes to the resolution. If they change the resolution, the changes only last for 30 seconds, then revert back to the default resolution. However under tech or admin account the changes can be made permanent as the 'Do you wish to apply these changes' box appears, in which you can say yay or nay. I presume that the problem lies with the box that allows the user to confirm the changes not showing up for students.

    I've been told that the settings can be forced out in GPO that will allow the user to confirm the settings although I've had a loot myself and I can't seem to find anything that matches it specifically.

    Does anybody know of a GPO that will enable them to change the screen resolution without being able to get into Control Panel areas etc?



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    Is it because users don't have write permission to the reg keys? I guess you need to find the where the settings are in the registry and give users write permissions.

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    What about installing MultiRes?

    You can have it running as a Systray icon. Or you can create shortcuts with multires.exe /x, y, refresh /exit to force it to change to that screen resolution.

    That's what we have here to force certain rooms to always pop their screen res back to something sensible. It comes in handy for certain cruddy apps that need to run in (say) 800x600 or (yuck) 640x480

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