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Windows Thread, Designing Access Databases in Technical; Yes I know, I really should use a better DB package. Unfortunately, I can't use anything else on the school ...
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    Designing Access Databases

    Yes I know, I really should use a better DB package. Unfortunately, I can't use anything else on the school network, and it's what I know so...

    Does anyone know of any usable software to aid in the design of an Access database. I am planning one that will cover call logging, inventory, software licensing, etc - basically all the things that there are plenty of PHP solutions for but I need to design it in Access.

    At the moment I am flitting between using Mk.1 Pen & Paper and DDS-Lite for the actual table design. But I'm not keen on DDS as it's a bit of a pain to get my head around. Also, I'm sick of doing the actual design within Access because I always get carried away with extra stuff that doesn't need to be there, which ends up bogging down the DB and confusing me when I forget why I put it there.

    So what does everyone else recommend...?

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    Re: Designing Access Databases

    What about Star Office Base?

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    Re: Designing Access Databases

    try using freemind which is mind mapping software but quite good for designing databases

    have at centre database name

    then node for each table and then node for each element with in the table etc


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