We have a member of staff who keepings getting the high contrast mode appearing on his roaming profile, for no apparent reason.

I have spent ages trying to resolve this and I've come to an almost dead end. So I thought I would throw it out to everyone on these forums in the hope that someone may have seen this issue before or have an idea of the cause.

The PCs were WDS-imaged to Win7 in the Summer. The member of staff had a stroke last year and was then made redundant and he returned in a new role this September.

Rather than create a new account, we re-enabled his old network account.

However, he can't be picking up cached copies of profiles from PCs as they were (nearly) all imaged before he started back.

He logs onto different PCs and also connects from home into our 2008 R2 RDP farm. It looks like that the High Contract mode starts when he logs on at work after connecting to the RDP farm the previous day from his own laptop from home (although it's not consistent).

I have tried deleting his roaming profile from the server (and simultaneously any cached copy from the PC he uses and the 2 servers in the RDP farm). But it shortly reappears, so it's not a long term fix.

The last thing I tried was to disable his account and create a new account with a different username (thinking that he may somehow be picking up a cached copy from somewhere or that there is something setup on the network previously that pushes out the High Contract setting). It was a bit of a hassle and his mailbox took around 48 hours to appear as Disconnected, to reconnect it to the new account, in the meantime he was without email.

This looks like it had resolved it, but then after a few days the problem returned.

The only thing I can think of is that the laptop is somehow telling the RDP session to go into high contract mode. Is this possible? Like Ease of Access redirection? He did mention that he used the Dolphin pen for a while (after he had the stroke), but doesn't use it anymore and said he has never used it on the laptop.

I have asked the member of staff to bring in the laptop today so I am going to take a look.

The High Contract mode can be enabled in Win 7 by pressing LEFT-SHIFT & LEFT ALT & PRNT-SCREEN. But he says that he isn't pressing this. And even if he is accidently, the default is for a pop-up box to ask for confirmation.

Due to the stroke the member of staff finds the High Contract mode very difficult and simply cannot use the display like that (causes a headache etc.) so I am very keen to get this one sorted.

Any ideas appreciated.

Many Thanks,