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Windows Thread, GPP Printer Deployment in Technical; Hi The problem I am having is with roaming profiles and printers getting followed with the user. Please could you ...
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    GPP Printer Deployment


    The problem I am having is with roaming profiles and printers getting followed with the user. Please could you tell me how I should

    1. deploy the printers
    2. set default printer
    3. delete old printers from users profiles (script?)

    Thanks for your help.

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    Have gone back to script as gpo/gpped printer s deployed to computer can't be deleted by user. Ones deployed to user can be deleted by user. You can deploy to user using the update dropdown and put delete dropdown ones for all the other printers. Or a script to add on logon as user and then delete on logoff.
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    I guess you are trying the GPP way of installing printers i.e. via the share path.

    Here I have set as a Machine policy with the User Group Policy loopback enabled and set to Merge then this applied to the Machine OU where the printer needs to be deployed.

    There is a tick box in the common tab I think for Remove this item when it is no longer applied.

    When a machine is taken out of the OU it removes the deployed printer. I'm wondering if you do the same with roaming profiles would it sort the issue of following printers.

    I know we had a big issue at a previous place with students and roaming profiles

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