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Windows Thread, Pro Desktop extrude problem in Technical; Does anyone know of a GPO that might fix the following problem please or a quick solution please? We have ...
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    Pro Desktop extrude problem

    Does anyone know of a GPO that might fix the following problem please or a quick solution please?

    We have put Pro Desktop on 5 IT suits and every time the pupils try to extrude an object it comes up with an error message and shuts down. If we log onto the computer and use the extrude feature then when pupils log onto that machine it will work.

    Any help would be great thanks

    At this pont we have also made it compatable for XP service pack 3 too

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    Its well documented on here that when you install and first run it needs to be run as an Administrator and that solves the issue. If you have a search you might find something to fix it.

    Prodesktop install is an example.
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    Windows 7? right. On the folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup we put a shortcut pointing to a batch file (name regpro.bat) located in the folder C:\Program Files\PTC\ProDESKTOP 8.0\Program

    prod.exe /regserver

    Configure the shortcut in the Startup folder to run minimized. The result: the program get register when a teacher or admin (not student) logs on and the extrude work for us. I know, I know, the batch file will run every single time somebody logs on, but it will do it minimized and for me it did the trick

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