Hi, the company I work for have recently come in and taken over a schools IT and I have been handed the responsibility .The school have had 3 techies in quick succession and I fear non of them really knew what they were doing and have each done various things and left me with a mess to sort.

Much of the server back end and windows problems I am all good with, as I know what I am doing. But they have a Mac suite and my knowledge of macs is very limited. They almost exclusively run windows xp on the macs, instead of OSX.

The problem I have encountered is that the "techie" who set them up, did it in a really weird way.

First off, he only allocated 40GB of space for a custom XP install. They have now ALL ran out of space and obviously now keep throwing up errors and will not let new staff or students log in.

Second, he created two physical, separate partitions on the HDD and installed XP onto NTFS.

From what I can tell, the "official" boot camp way is two logical partitions and install XP on FAT32. I am not sure which is the best way.

I tried to shrink the OSX partition (which required me to repair the disk before it would let me) but that wouldnt let me increase the XP partition.

I tried to use GParted, but it will not work on the macs in any mode I tried (no screen error).

What I tried and almost worked, was using clonezilla, make an image of the 40GB partition, redo the disk to 250/250 and put the image back on to the partition.

XP boots, but the partition table is corrupt and detects it as 40GB still. Fixing the partition table causes XP to no longer boot.

I have no idea where any of the techies old images are. His documentation says they are on a portable HDD... Which is nowhere to be found.

I would rather not start the image again if I can help it, as there is a lot of software requiring to be installed and I have no idea where the installation files are located.

Any help would really be appreciated. Already spent quite a few hours trying to get them back to a usable state, without much progress.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section btw. Wasnt sure where to create it, as it covers a lot of different sections. Thanks