This tool is for "any Microsoft environment" that requires computers to be managed (i.e, sript rollout/rollback, asset managment, hardware management, software management, etc...). To put it short and sweet, it's "systems managment" software to make your job easier in keeping up with "what" the machine(s) are doing, "when" they are doing it, and "how often" they are doing it (as stated in the ppoint presentation). So, if you needed to know which monitor 400 machines to see which ones had office 2003 and needed to have office 2007, which machines have less than 6 GB of storage space because they need to be increased, and which machines had adobe acrobat 7 and need to be upgraded to 8, estate guardian could do this in 30 seconds whereas your average sms would need a minimum of 2hrs. This is the benefit of "real time" monitoring.
This software could be helpful to some of you the website is here

Here are some tutorials demonstrate the product

You can download a free copy that will work with 10 computers