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Windows Thread, Windows XP Offline Files Issue in Technical; I'm reaching out in the hope that someone can help me. I've currently got an XP laptop that's playing silly ...
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    Windows XP Offline Files Issue

    I'm reaching out in the hope that someone can help me.

    I've currently got an XP laptop that's playing silly with it's file synchronisation.

    It says it has 84 files modified offline that need sync-ing, but running through the synchronisation process yields no problems and says it has completed fine.
    I've checked the Offline Files folder, and everything in there is reported as being synchronized.

    Yet these 84 files remain.

    We haven't made any network changes over the summer holidays, so it's not as if the laptop is trying to sync back to an unavailable source. In fact, it's only 1 folder that it's having issues with. Everything else the teacher has done over the hols has sync-ed fine.

    Given that these files are essentially stuck in the transporter buffer, I'd rather not reinitialise the Offline File Cache at this point.

    Any ideas?
    And thanks in advance!

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    Copy them manually to the hd then reinitialize the cache, xp's offline files system sucked, vista, 7 and 8 all do much better jobs of it even though they still have issues. Saying that I had a couple of users with 80gb plus of files in xp offline file sync which worked fine, it did need to be over a wire as wireless is suspect even at the best of times let alone when dealing with xp's implementation of them.

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    Yes manually sync the files then format the CSC cache and refresh the GPO.

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    Find yourself a copy of csccmd v1.1 and use that to extract the contents of the cache to a safe place and then re-initialize it.


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