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Windows Thread, Robocopy Source & Destination show different size in Technical; I desperately need to move data over to a different drive and have used Robocopy to copy all the files ...
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    Robocopy Source & Destination show different size

    I desperately need to move data over to a different drive and have used Robocopy to copy all the files over which is how I've done it in the past and it's worked fine. When I have done this today, when I compare the properties of the source folder & Destination folder I can see that the destination is not as big as it should be and looking at the files & folders not everything has been copied across. No one should be accessing the folder at the moment so it shouldn't be an issue that the file is in use, but I'm at a loss as to why the 2 folders are different. I'm moving about 80GB of data and there is a difference on nearly 1GB. I've re-run the robocopy command but it didn't copy any extra files.

    the switches I'm using are *.* /e /zb /sec /copyall /R:0 /S /XO

    I'm thinking i should probably have just used the move command in Robocopy but I wanted to be able to check the data that has been moved. This needs to be done by tomorrow at the latest as we have had other issues with our servers which need to be looked at and I need to move this data to buy us some time.

    Edit: If I delete the destination folder and use the move command will it move all the files that are able to be moved and leave the files that it can't behind? This may be quicker than trying to find out which folders/files are causing the problem as I can set the move to start before I leave work.
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