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Windows Thread, Can't boot from XP CD in Technical; Really wierd problem here. I've got a laptop that needs reinstalling. FOr some reason it won't boot from an XP ...
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    Can't boot from XP CD

    Really wierd problem here. I've got a laptop that needs reinstalling. FOr some reason it won't boot from an XP CD. It'll boot from 2000 and install, but won't do XP.

    I've tried different CDs and have the same problem.

    It also won't boot from the network - eliminating the obvious workaround.

    Any ideas how to either fix this problem or get around it?

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    Re: Can't boot from XP CD

    The fact it boots from a Windows 2000 disc, it shows the machine is capable of booting from discs and secondly that the boot order is correct.

    I can only presume the disc drive is selective of the media it reads from. I have seen this behaviour before, where a computer would only boot from a burned XP CD (for example), but then within Explorer itself (once installed) it reads any type of disc. Strange I know.

    If the disc is genuine, try burning it with Nero (which I use) and try that. If it's a CD you've created by slipstreaming a service pack, I can only suggest you try on another PC to eliminate problems with the disc itself.

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    Re: Can't boot from XP CD

    It might be worth trying a different opticle drive.

    Or you might be able to remove the hard drive, format it, copy the XP cd onto it and make it bootable. And then put the drive back in the PC and run the install from the hard drive. I've done it with Win 9x.

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