I agree with NetMan, the VSS (Volume Shadow Service) is a god send.

Teachers and some students tend to overright files accidentally and often ask for a restore to be done, this could take up to an hour or more in some cases.

VSS will take a copy files and create backups of them at predefined intervals of a set period of time.

If an overight occurs you can simply suggest that the user find the file in question, right clicks and selects properties, if VSS for shared folders has been setup correctly you will se a previous versions tab.

All they have to do at this point is select the version prior to the overight and hey presto recovered in less than five minutes.

Of course you don't need storage server 2003 for this as any 2003 server will do it however it is already applied to any share you make so provided all users files are stored centrally, well I think you get the picture....

For more info see this --> http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserv...redFolders.swf