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Windows Thread, Restricted Internet Access in Technical; Hi, I have a 2003 server whihc has multiple users logging onto it. I want to limit the access of ...
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    Restricted Internet Access

    I have a 2003 server whihc has multiple users logging onto it.
    I want to limit the access of internet to a few user.
    For that i have tried to make a group and giving rights to IE folder as well as mshtml.dll file.
    This solved the problem of Internet Access but now the Outlook is not working which uses mshtml.dll to retrive mails.

    Please help me to limit the access , i guess it can be done by logon script.

    Plz guide.

    Deepak Surana

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    Re: Restricted Internet Access

    Your going about it teh wrong way. If a user wants on the net they will just use a portable browser such as firefox. You need a proxy.

    As a temp measure you could either write a script to kill the iexplore.exe process, or just set deny permissions to the iexplore.exe file. Butif you are on IE6 theres ways round both of them methods.

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    Re: Restricted Internet Access

    Before I had my ISA server I had the same problem.
    I got around this by creating a new OU and added two rules to the group policy of that OU.
    1: users in the OU go threw a proxy set to an ip that does nothing.
    2: denied users to change the proxy settings.

    We also use Deapfreeze, so directly after a machine restart all setting are put back to normal, so I'm unsure of this proxy change will impact other users who log into that machine. But this may be a start!

    good luck.

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    Re: Restricted Internet Access

    If you create an OU in active directory and set the proxy settings to an non existent server. Add the users to that OU you want restricting. The Client computer the user is logged onto will be unable to get to that server therefore unable to get on the internet.

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