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Windows Thread, New Users and Old Users in Technical; Hi, We all have our own ways of maintaining our users within AD, SIMS, Equitrac, Cashless etc. but i want ...
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    New Users and Old Users


    We all have our own ways of maintaining our users within AD, SIMS, Equitrac, Cashless etc. but i want to re-evaluate the way we do it and see what ideas people have come up with!

    We use a new starter form in school within SharePoint that our Personnel staff fill in with the details of the new staff member. This is will then notify certain staff that there is a new starter and they require induction etc. From here, we use a Powershell script to create the account, we then move to exchange and again run another script. For the cashless, its automatically pulled from SIMS. Then there are smaller things that i cannot automate, such as the printing budget allowance etc.

    We are also looking into creating a tutorial area for new staff that has the link emailed to their account when they start. This will contain videos and guides for the follow you etc.

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    Hi have you thought about using some think like salamander AD program http://www.salamandersoft.co.uk/activeDirectory.html this will alto create AD accounts, exchange mailboxes, set up permissions and groups and then will email staff to let them know the new person has started. Also will create all pupil accounts and I'm shore if you speak to Richard at salamander he could set it up so it creates there sims accounts as well. Hope this helps

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