Hello all,

I'm trying to get an ancient piece of software (Written for Windows 3.1!) working and brought more into the 21'st century.
It is supposed to run automated tests on the emergency lighting via a 1200 baud serial connection.
I have got the software installed on a VM-Ware virtual machine (running win 7 32 bit) and the serial connection setup via a IP to Serial box.

the issue I am having is intermittently it will not connect to the IP to Serial and an error box pops up.
If you click okay on the error it starts the test, but these tests are supposed to run overnight not during the day (some tests involve switching the emergency lights on or off, or running the batteries down to test duration)

My query is: is there a way / piece of software that can watch for a specific error box popping up (Titled: Interface not responding) and respond 'OK' to it (the only option)