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Windows Thread, edutechhosting in Technical; Anyone else having major hosting issues with edutech hosting? I have emailed James a number of times cant get hold ...
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    Anyone else having major hosting issues with edutech hosting?

    I have emailed James a number of times cant get hold of him via his mobile number

    sites seems to be up and down daily
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    I had issues around christmas time with the site DNS dropping every so often, however he resolved it quite quick. If you are struggling still however, I recommend EZPZ Hosting They have good pricing and a good service, I also have a 10% off/£5 off code depending on what you want

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    A major server failure occurred on the shared hosting platform to whom I purchase the services from for you all to use for FREE and unfortunately this has meant that the all websites have had to be restored to a new server in the secondary data centre and has also meant that relevant DNS changes have had to be made in order to bring services back online.

    If your website has a Static A record in DNS to point to my webserver then you need to contact me via support@edutechhosting.co.uk so that I can give you the new IP address or if it is quicker just drop me a PM on here.

    I do apologise for any inconvenience caused during this issue and unfortunately it is out of my hands and I have had to wait for instructions from the provider, and as I am sure you can appreciate I have had numerous emails to get through from people having issues and although I have tried to get back in touch with everyone I may have missed a few. likewise as I am sure you can appreciate I provide this server to many people on a FREE basis no one pays for the service and I pay for all of the costs that go with running this service for you all and it has been that way since I first started providing this service some what 3 years ago and won't ever change.

    If you require a dedicated uptime, with SLA etc. then I always recommend you speak with a company to which you can pay for the service as they can provide such. I cannot provide you with such as I do not have the time to support the users on a daily basis with an SLA in place and likewise I do have a Full Time Job in which I have to concentrate on.

    Again, I understand some of you are frustrated and I am sorry that this has happened but please appreciate that I am providing this for free in order to help you out, and I don't expect anyone too ever pay anything as I personally cover the costs that go with it. I know that you expect it to work all of the time, and I appreciate that but I am trying my best.

    If you have any problems, please feel free to get in touch.

    Kindest Regards,
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