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Windows Thread, iTS:MyPC and local profile issue in Technical; Not sure if there's a workaround/fix for this but here's the issue we (and students) have: With the MyPC booking ...
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    iTS:MyPC and local profile issue

    Not sure if there's a workaround/fix for this but here's the issue we (and students) have:

    With the MyPC booking system, after a set amount of time, the user is logged out of the PC (they get a warning 15 and 5 mins before hand and can extend the time).
    Usually, if a PC is logged off or shutdown by accident, we can usually recover unsaved/temp documents for the user as its often saved to the local profile of the machine.
    We've found that, if the user is logged off the machine from MyPC, the local profile and anything related to that user is also deleted. This means that if a user has forgotten to save the changes, save the document they've been working on for hours (yes, hours) without saving once, or worked on a document from an email and not changed the save location, there's almost no chance of retrieving the temp files.

    I try to take the opportunity to recommend saving as often as possible (and save the document as soon as its created), but can understand the frustration of doing a lot of work only for it to disappear.

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    I believe this is how windows is supposed to operate and local profiles are normally only left on the machine when there hasn't been a clean logoff.

    There are group policies to control if local profiles should be kept and how long for.

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