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Windows Thread, Programs appearing in the start menu on mandatory profile (XP) in Technical; We have some exam accounts that require only access to certain programs (vary per exam). So what I do is ...
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    Programs appearing in the start menu on mandatory profile (XP)

    We have some exam accounts that require only access to certain programs (vary per exam). So what I do is on this profile (mandatory with redirected to server start menu etc.), is to just put in the start menu the programs required for the exam.
    suddenly yesterday Internet explorer pops up and I can't get rid of it!
    It's not in the start menu on the profile, but is on the machines. We have the 'common' section of the menu turned off.
    Has anyone any ideas?
    IE is one of the things the kids are NOT allowed access to!

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    How about, just for the extra security, put in a completely dead internal IP address to the proxy settings for those accounts, so even though IE may appear (nastily and unpredictably) they will not be able to get onto the internet due to the "Proxy Server Being down"

    I think this is what I ended up doing before, while enforcing the classic start menu and disabling all desktop items. Exam accounts are a pig, but there is usually a way around it, even though you will have to constantly explain, yes it shows internet explorer, but they can access anything through it.

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    you could always add a gpo that either changes proxy settings to nothing or deny internet explorer from working just apply to the users you require
    or set the file permissions on the icon so that users in say exams security group can not read the ie icon thus stopping it from appearing ( i have used this before in our mandatory profiles so that only a specific users gets an icon for sims or our tv screen software)
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