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Windows Thread, New Computers For School in Technical; Hi I am the IT Technician at a school in Riseley, Bedfordshire. I desperately need new computers for the ICT ...
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    New Computers For School


    I am the IT Technician at a school in Riseley, Bedfordshire. I desperately need new computers for the ICT suite but cannot get funding for new ones. Does anyone know any companies who will donate or give old machines?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Firstly,I suggest you contact all the local large companies and ask!
    Then, contact all schools in your area and ask, via email, edugeek and any other channel you have, if they have any kit to donate. I did and @Netman volunteered some nice PCs that were better than some of mine and now he is my friend and helps me with bits and pieces (and coffee!) when he can.
    If you have any money at all, go to ICT Direct @ict-direct for very good value refurbished kit

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    Leasing is a possible option. Perhaps!

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    I too would say ICT Direct, good pc's at a price I can justify. Allowed me to order a complete suite of 34 now, couldnt have dreamt of doing that a while ago.

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