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Windows Thread, Sphos Scheduler Error in Technical; Just found on the server that the Sophos scheduler service won't run. Checked the vent log and found that it ...
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    Sphos Scheduler Error

    Just found on the server that the Sophos scheduler service won't run. Checked the vent log and found that it seemed OK downloading updats through the summer but now its just failed to run after restarting the server after having the power supply changed.
    All the other Sophos services seem to have started OK aprt from the EM Schedule manager.
    The error messages are as follows:

    Failed to initialise the EM Scheduler service. SCHED 0x80040b00

    Could not restore active schedules after restart. Failed to open the ssdata.idx file for reading. SCHED 0x80070570

    Eventually the EM Manager has appeared on screen and shows the library is 'inaccessible' ? and gives the error:

    Error 0x80080005 (Server execution failed) occured while accessing server SERVER. Ensure the computer name for the active services is correct.

    How do I check the c9mputer name for the active service is correct?

    Any help on sorting this appreciated.

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    Re: Sphos Scheduler Error

    Hi TechSupp,

    Possibly the schedule has become corrupt. Follow the instructions in the following article (under the What to do section) to fix the issue...



    Sophos Technical Support

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