Hello all,
I revamped our software restriction policies a few months ago with very few issues, but some computers are still hanging on to old settings.
I have the default policy set to disallow and have rules to allow program files, system32, netlogon, etc. Effectively anything that is installed properly system wide will run. Anything on the desktop home drive, flash drive etc is blocked.
I have several machines that will not allow users to run Google chrome, and it is installed in program files.
The first machine was w7, a few weeks ago and I ended up reimaging it after trying various methods of cleaning out group policy. I now have several more, but xp with the same symptoms.
Here is what I tried on the w7 machine before reimaging
I ran gpupdate
I deleted and let windows recreate the user profile.
I messed in the registry and deleted policies to let them reapply
I edited the history registry key to force a policy update.

On the xp machine the only thing I have done so far is gpupdate and delete user profile. This afternoon I added another rule to the SRP to specifically allow chrome and that did not work either, but Iíll try again tomorrow to make sure it had time to propagate.

Any suggestions for making chrome work on these machines bar reimaging, that would be last resort.

Thank you,